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The Art of Shaving Tips and Techniques

Getting a clean and close shave can make the difference of a smooth and clean appearance versus a face full of nicks, scratches, and red bumps. Shaving is more that grabbing a razor and stroking your beard a few times. To get the closest possible shave you have to understand the art of shaving which […]

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What is Art of Shaving

Jay was finishing up his morning coffee while cleaning up the kitchen after making his son’s favorite breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes and bacon. He had tickets to take his son to a baseball game that evening and he was looking forward to quality father son time. As he was putting the dishes in the […]

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Shaving: Back to Basics

In today’s world the classic shave is something most often seen in movies that take place years ago. It always occurs in a barber shop where men gather round to have small talk about work, woman and sports. These days men don’t have time for these trips. A visit to the barber shop typically includes […]

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