How To Control Mosquitoes Safely

mosquito-control1Having mosquitoes around you translates into a big health hazard. Mosquitoes are scientifically proven to be vectors of malaria and therefore having them out of your surroundings is very important.

Safe mosquito control is divided into two major areas, namely public and individual control areas. Individual mosquito control entails a homestead or a house unit taking the initiative of driving out the mosquitoes which are in their compound or house. Public mosquito control is where a larger area which is inhabited by a number of families comes together to get rid of the mosquitoes around them.

This can be achieved by chemical or non-chemical means. The very common non-chemical methods includes digging ditches and then introducing Gambusia, an egg eating fish, to help in controlling the mosquito larvae. Dragon flies, bats, birds and flogs are effective method of controlling adult mosquitoes.

Chemical methods are realized by application of pesticides. The aim here is to control adult and larva mosquitoes. Adulticides and larvicides control adult and larva mosquitoes respectively. You should always ensure that you check the active ingredients of all insecticides before buying to see its effectiveness and the safety of the people who will be at the place where it will be applied.

Larval Control
The first step should be establishing where the immature mosquitoes, pupae and larvae, are. This will mainly be at the shorelines of a lake, ditches or sluggishly flowing streams. After the area has been located, the next step will be application of insecticides. This will eliminate the larvae which were growing in this area. Follow-up observations should be made to establish if there was any that escaped this exercise. If there was, adult control methods should be launched.

Adult Control
Insect electrocutors have been there for ages now and they have flooded the market today. All the same, you need consult extensively before buying one.

Baits which are designed to look like a mammalian host can also help a lot. They are developed in such a way that they attract and kill mosquitoes when they come near them.

5% malathion or pyrethrins can be fogged outdoors to control mosquitoes especially if the infested area is extensive.

You can also keep your doors, porches and windows screened tightly. If any mosquito manages to get into the house, aerosol sprays or fly swatters that contain synergized pyrethrum can be used to contain the situation.

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