Taking Care Of Your Gutters

Taking Care Of Your GuttersIf your gutters are not properly taken care of as they should be, it can cause early degradation and therefore regular maintenance is a must. Gutter cleaning isn’t fun but it’s a necessity that must be done because if they’re left unattended for too long, they can clog and cause water to be backed up into the eaves of your home’s roof which can then damage your walls.

Gutter cleaning should happen at least once a year (while you should check for serious clogs at least twice a year) and this involves removing any leaves, debris, and other build up that may have accumulated in your gutters overtime. Once your gutters are cleaned, you should rinse them out; this ensures that all debris is removed and can help you spot any leaks that will need to be repaired. You should also check the connections to make sure everything is properly secure and aligned while taking notice of any rusting spots. If you notice any leaks or any areas with rust, you’ll need to have those sections replaced; however, you can simply choose to have small holes patched with roofing cement or patch the larger holes with metal patches as an alternative to replacing entire sections if no rusting is present. If you an iron mesh installed at the mouth of the drain, you should check for clogs there too; if you don’t have one installed already, it’s always a good idea to get one installed.

If you live in an area where your gutters seem to get an excessive amount of build-up, especially in a short amount of time, you can protect your gutters by having gutter screens installed. Gutter screens prevent build-up and any leaves that would have accumulated in your gutters will simply accumulate on top of them instead, thus also making gutter cleaning an easier job. However, if you do get gutter screens installed, you’re going to want to clean any leave piles that start to form on a regular basis as rotting leaves can potentially damage your roof.

As another form of protection, you can also have roof overhangs installed which will protect your walls from being exposed, and therefore damaged, by rainfall. Roof overhangs are especially great when placed on the sides of the home where it’s more prone to taking a beating by rain.

For homeowners, taking care of your gutters is an essential step to taking care of your home’s overall appearance. Properly doing so will extend the life of your gutters and keep them from having to be replaced sooner than they should have to be. Effectively taking care of your gutters keeps the livelihood of your home’s roof, attic, and walls.


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