Why Vintage Furniture Is So Hip and in Style

vintageRemember that old dining table your grandmother had in her formal dining room? What about her stained wood end tables and tufted high backed chairs in her sitting room? I’m sure after seeing the uprising trend in using vintage furniture in today’s most popular interior designs you wish you still had them! Between the beautiful, intricate woodwork designs and unique charm each vintage piece has, it is no wonder why the trend is on the rise! Vintage furniture is becoming the new hip and in-style furniture choice for interior designers all over the world.

Although the old world charm is something designers love to bring into their designs, sometimes the over all look of a piece can be too out dated. With most people looking to brighten up and color their world, some of the fabrics can be a bit drab. One way to bring new life to a piece of vintage furniture is to add that pop of color with a new bright and bold fabric. If you are working with a piece like an end table, dining table, or standing floor mirror, you don’t have fabric to work with, and in that case you can bring that breath of fresh air to the room while still using your vintage piece by refinishing it and painting in a bright, refreshing color. Whatever look you desire, there is definitely a way to fit in a hip vintage piece or two into your over all design.

Mission Avenue Studio, a vintage furniture boutique that specializes in bringing new life to old antique pieces is a popular place to find that perfect piece for you if you are looking to get in on the trend. They take old vintage pieces like your grandmother’s old high back chairs, reupholster them in bright and bold fabrics, and ta-da! New life is brought to the piece while still keeping the unique vintage charm of each piece. The end result is a hip, in style piece of furniture to bring sophistication and charm into any room. They also offer a ton of accent pieces to complete your desired look. They have a brick and mortar location in Florida, but they have an extensive online catalog that you can order from and have your perfect piece shipped directly to you.

Whether you are wanting to add something to an existing design to freshen up your look, or you are designing something completely new, adding a hip piece of reborn vintage furniture can be exactly what you are looking for. The vintage trend is rising, and here to stay. So what are you waiting for? Join the trend and add some sophistication and old world charm to your life today!

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